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Things To Consider When Buying Ammunition For Your Firearms

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Buying gun ammunition for any firearm you own requires careful consideration. Many companies offer new and remanufactured ammo, but not all gun ammo is the same, and ensuring you get good ammo that works correctly is vital. 

New Ammunition

When buying new gun ammunition for your firearms, it is critical to buy the best quality ammunition you can get to ensure it performs well in your firearm. Ammo that is lower quality may have issues with loose primers, poor crimps where the bullet goes into the casing, and misfires that can be dangerous and challenging to deal with in the field. 

Buying name-brand ammunition is the best place to start for the average shooter. The cartridges and all the components are new and assembled carefully so that each round fires correctly. The ammunition does not need to be match-grade, but it needs to be consistent from one round to the next when it is fired in the field or on the range.

New ammunition from well-known producers offers the best chance of that, and while it may be a little more expensive to purchase, the quality of the ammo often makes it worth paying a little more for. 

Remanufactured Ammunition

Recycling gun ammunition is not uncommon in the firearms industry, but typically the brass casing that holds the gun powder, bullet, and primer is the part that is reused. Casings can sometimes be reused several times, but after that, recycling the brass and starting with new materials is vital. 

Ammunition remanufacturers use once-fired brass in their process, and the casing goes through many quality checks and some reshaping to ensure it will work properly once loaded. The brass goes through a cleaning process to remove old powder residue or other materials left in the casing, and then a new primer, powder, and bullet are added to create the final product. 

Remanufactured gun ammunition is available in most shops and stores that sell standard ammo, and the price is typically lower. Remanufactured gun ammunition can be an excellent way to save some money and still get quality ammo, especially for shooters that spend a lot of time on the gun range. 

Reloaded Ammo

It is critical to understand the difference between reloads and remanufactured gun ammo. Reloaded ammo is typically hand loaded, and while the loader will inspect the brass and measure the powder going in it, the potential to get a hot round, or one that has more power than a standard round in it, is much higher. 

While you may find people selling hand-loaded ammo inexpensively, it is important to understand that this gun ammo is often not consistent from one round to the next and may not be accurate or safe to fire. Stick to gun ammunition that is regulated to ensure it is safe for you to use in your firearms.