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Benefits of Aluminum Benches with Built-In Shelters

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When you begin to shop for aluminum benches that you'll install at a youth sports facility in your community, it's a good idea to carefully evaluate many different products on the market. While there are a lot of standard benches that have a simple design, you'll also see benches that have additional features. A good example is a bench with a built-in shelter, which is mounted behind the bench and extends up over it. These benches are commonplace in soccer, which can make them a good option if you're shopping for benches for a soccer field. Here are some benefits of benches with built-in shelters.

Protection From The Elements

This type of aluminum bench offers protection from the elements for the young athletes who use it. On a hot day, the soccer players will be hot from running around during the game. During breaks, they'll be able to sit on the bench and appreciate how the built-in shelter blocks the sun and creates some much-needed shade — something that is otherwise rare to find on a soccer field. During inclement weather, the shelter also provides value. For example, the backup players on a soccer team will get to sit in a dry environment, rather than be exposed to the elements as they watch their teammates compete.

Prevention Of Distractions

This type of aluminum bench can also work well at preventing distractions for the players. If there are bleachers behind the benches, some parents can get in the habit of offering suggestions and tips to their children. Even if these comments are meant to be helpful, they may not be in alignment with what the coach is saying. Coaches often get frustrated when parents interfere, as this can be confusing for young players. A team bench with a built-in shelter will create a barrier that will make it difficult for parents to distract their children during games.


The shelter that is mounted to the bench also creates some privacy for discussions between the players and their coaches. During games, coaches want to be able to share strategies with their players without worrying about other people listening in. For example, if a parent of a player on the opposing team were to hear a strategy, they might walk over to the other team's coach and reveal what they just heard. Having a shelter creates somewhat of a sound barrier that will make it easier for coaches to communicate with their players without other people listening in.

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