A Sports Filled Valentine’s Day

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Guns for Sale: 3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Shotguns for Pheasant Hunting

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Pheasant hunting has been considered a tradition in the U.S. ever since the common pheasant was introduced to North America in 1881. To participate, you can either join a hunting club or travel to common-pheasant breeding grounds with a shotgun. Most hunters also bring along their dogs to flush out the pheasants to make finding and shooting a much easier task. If you’re interested in participating in this type of sport, the first thing you’ll need to do is to buy a suitable shotgun to take with you on the trip. Read More»

Four Tips To Avoid Dropping Your Bowling Ball

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As a bowler, the last thing you want is a heavy bowling ball dropped on your foot. Similarly, you also don’t want to drop the ball during your approach to the lane, as it can mess up your shot. Want to reduce the chances of dropping your bowling ball? Keep these tips in mind: 1. Choose the correct weight for your ball. If your ball is too heavy, its weight alone increases the chances you may drop it. Read More»