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5 Ways To Go Green On The Golf Course For St. Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick's Day is not only a celebration of everything green and Irish, but it also represents an unofficial start to spring. With the warmer weather arriving, St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time to hit the green at your local golf course. Along with enjoying some lush green fairways, you can enhance your St. Patrick's Day outing with some appropriate golf apparel.

The following five ideas are great for the holiday and can even be extended to other eventful days on the course.

Irish Flat Caps

The Irish flat cap is a great tradition that also looks good on a golf course. A traditional Irish flat cap looks like a standard golfing hat except it is usually printed in a plaid design with a small poof on the top. These are easy to find in green. You can also get them with additional small emblems like a shamrock.

Along with plaid designs, golf apparel shops may offer modern designs on the hat including a striped green, or argyle hat with a mix of colors.

Matching Golf Gear

Go all out for your day on a course by matching all of your apparel to the golf gear that you bring. Along with wearing a green polo, there is plenty of equipment that has the festive St. Partick's Day touch.

  • Golf Bag: Purchase a dark green golf bag to carry all of your clubs. The bag will be easy to spot and find among other bags.
  • Golf Club Head Covers: Add the Irish touch with a variety of head covers. Designs include green shamrocks, Notre Dame's fighting Irish, or a general Leprechaun.
  • Golf Towels: Purchase white towels with green symbols or go all out with a completely green golf towel. You may be able to find towels with "Happy St. Patrick's Day" embroidered right onto the fabric.

Irish Kilt

Give up your golfing shorts for a traditional Irish kilt. Kilts are typically associated with Scotland, but they are very popular with Irish tradition too. The kilts come in a variety of colors including multiple greens and patterns like plaid. Before wearing your kilt on the course, it's a good idea to take practice swings at home. You will want to get used to the flow and movement underneath the material.

The Irish kilts are a fun way for a group of golfers to dress up together and hit the course on St. Patrick's Day.

Cleat Spikes

Add a small touch of green to your golf game with a set of replacement cleat spikes. Green spikes can easily be installed into your golf cleats. The nice accented color can match nicely with a polo shirt or green hat.

If your cleats do not have the ability to change spikes, then you can shop for cleats that are mainly green in color. Instead of a distracting neon green, look for deeper and rich greens that will also cover grass stains up well.

St. Patrick's Day Golfing Socks

Complete your outfit with a pair of long golf socks worn to represent the Irish theme. A number of designs can be chosen.

  • Solid Green: Go simple with solid green socks. Match the tone of the green to the shirt you are wearing on the course.
  • Patterns: Select from a variety of patterns like shamrocks, green argyle, or leprechauns. Patterned socks are a great way to add some character to your golfing outfit.
  • Snake Socks: St. Patrick famously drove snakes out of Ireland. You can represent this amazing feat by wearing a pair of socks with snake patterns on it. The socks can feature multiple snakes coiled around the sock or a snake skin pattern.

Shop at your golf store or go to websites for golf apparel in early February and March to see what new green items are in stock for the holiday. There is often a lot to find!