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How To Use A Customized Canopy To Become A Silent Cheerleader

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Are you the type of person who can't seem to yell above a whisper? Or maybe you love to scream and holler for your favorite sports teams, but there are certain events where loud outbursts aren't appreciated? Whether you're passionate about the activities your children are involved in or you want to promote a cause near and dear to your heart, a customized canopy is one way to become a silent cheerleader.

What it Means to Be a Silent Cheerleader

A silent cheerleader is someone who supports and promotes a person, business, or team – nonverbally. You can find ways to cheer on family, friends, and causes without being considered "that obnoxious fan" or "the rude dude". One of the best ways to be a silent cheerleader is to "advertise" your preferences through customization. You probably see someone wearing a hat or t-shirt with a logo when you attend events, but you can do even more than that with a customized canopy. There are 3 types of canopies to choose from, and each is more suitable for different kinds of events.

Use a Pop-Up Tent to Cheer on Your Kids

A pop-up tent is the least expensive option for customized canopies. It is lightweight and portable. It is the best option for the doting mom or dad who wants to cheer on their kids. Here are some ways you can use a customized pop-up canopy:

  • Outdoor Sports: Because pop-up tents are lightweight, they are intended for short-term use. That makes them perfect for cheering on your kids at outdoor sporting events such as soccer or baseball games. They can also be anchored when necessary, which is great on a windy game day.
  • Indoor Competitions: Pop-up canopies don't require any tools or stakes for assembly, so they can also be used indoors. Go promote your kids (and their teams) at wrestling matches, gymnastic competitions, etc.
  • Fundraising: Whether outdoors or indoors, pop-up tents make good fundraising advertisers. The customized top lets people know who and what they are supporting before they even approach the table. You can use them to collect admissions to games, as well.

Use a Pole Tent to Promote a Cause

The next level up from a pop-up tent is called the pole tent. It is a little sturdier than the pop-up tent and uses stakes to create tension to keep the tent upright. It is good for cheering on a cause and can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Weekend-Long Events: Pole tents are sturdy enough to be left up overnight. They can withstand weather fairly well, due to their strong stakes. Whether it's a weekend-long golf tournament or a family reunion at the beach, pole tents are the way to go.
  • Selling Campaigns: Getting your name out in the world can start under a pole tent by opening up a booth at the fair. You can set up tables of information about a cause or products for a business inside the pole tent. The only drawback with this option is that they have a central pole which supports the tent. You'll have to plan your displays around this central pole and leave room for people to maneuver. But it offers great outdoor protection, and by customizing the front, you give people an idea of what they'll find inside.

Use a Frame Tent When You're Hosting

The last customizable canopy is a frame tent. These are much larger and more expensive than the other two options, but they are very durable. They are designed for multiple uses over the years, and you can use them when hosting:

  • Family Parties: Don't make your family go to the wrong pavilion at a big campground. Instead, consider customizing a frame tent and make sure they know which family is the right one (you can even ask family members to pitch in since it's going to be used by everyone at each big event).
  • Outdoor Events: Talent competitions, dance performances, and even musical concerts can all be held under a frame tent. Just pick a size that is large enough for you to assemble a portable stage inside it and you've got yourself a party!

Being a silent cheerleader is a lot easier when you give people a visual – such as a customized canopy. Consider the 3 types of canopies and how they will be used before settling on one. And then get out there and cheer on your favorite things!