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Tying Together A Fly Fishing Persona: Selling Fly Fishing Gear Online

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The average fly fisherman spends over $1,200 annually on gear. Whether buying new flies, rods, or apparel, fly fishing is culture defined by simplicity and aestheticism. If you're trying to sell fly fishing gear, tying together a fly fishing persona can help you lure more customers to your brand.

Vlog Marketing

Fly fishing is about escaping into nature. Although most fly fishing gear is characterized by simplicity, chronicling the experience high-definition can be a big part of the experience as well. Showing your brand, in HD, living out the fly fishing fantasy is an important marketing strategy.

Video blogs (vlogs) allow for vicarious fly fishing experiences. Having notable vloggers show your gear on their vloging platforms allows precision marketing. Subscribers to these vlogs are the customers you're looking to reach. Sponsoring shoots with the vloggers also allows you to utilize the video equipment without having to pay for cost of the equipment and/or the expertise to use them. Outdoor vloggers often use HD drone footage and POV devices to capture their fly fishing exploits with an immersive flare.


Customers looking to enter the fly fishing market for the first time often spend the most money and become loyal to brands they buy. Many first-time fly fishermen also hire a fishing guide to improve their learning curve. Partnering with great local guides can be effective way to target novice fly fisherman willing to spend heavily on new gear.

Providing guides with free gear or gear at a reduced cost can put your gear in the hands of professional fisherman and the novice clients they often work with. Having these professionals teach these novice fly fishermen with your brand's equipment allow them to test drive your products. You can also partner with your suppliers to have new equipment wear-tested by these guides. You can also feature these guides giving testimonials about your products.


Because fly fishing is such a novel and accessible outdoor experience, many charities have evolved to provide fly fishing to serve a variety of causes, including wounded warriors, youth outreach, environmental rehabilitation, etc. Having your brand associated with these charities can generate the right type of publicity for your brand and help you give back to the sport in the process. Whether it's helping to sponsor an event or a local charity outing, make sure that your brand is featured on any media associated with the charity your brand is helping to sponsor.