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Going to the Archery Range for the First Time? Follow These Tips

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Have you always wanted to shoot a bow with actual arrows, but never had the opportunity? If so, you can actually visit an archery range to give it a try. Here are some tips to follow to make your first time out on the range go smoothly.

Know the Proper Stance

Everything starts with taking a proper stance on the shooting line. You'll want to square up your feet so that they are an equal distance apart from the line and facing forward. This will help give you good posture and improve your accuracy over time. It's a good starting point for anyone getting into archery for the first time. 

Know the Set Position

You'll then move into the set position, which is the second step of shooting your bow. For right-handed shooters, you grip the bow with your left hand and place your right hand on the string. Start with the string of the bow in alignment with your front leg. Tilt the bow downward slightly, put your hand on the string, and slightly draw your right hand back while the bow is still close to your body. Your right arm should be straight and next to your body, rather than in front of your body. 

When pulling back on the string, a good tip is to pull back on the string so that your right hand is going upward toward your neck. Your right arm should not be in front of your neck, but next to it. As you pull back on the string, you will raise the bow and keep it in a straight alignment in front of you. You should be able to look down the arrow and see the direction of where it will go

Know the Release Technique

The main thing that people get wrong about releasing the string with an arrow is what it feels like to release the string. You do not simply open your right hand and let go of the string since it gives you less control over the bow and where the arrow will go. As you get ready to release the string, you'll want to loosen the grip of the string so that it slides off your finger. This will cause the arrow to go as straight as possible as the string moves to propel the arrow forward through the air.

Follow these tips to ensure your first time shooting a bow at the archery range is successful.